Screenless eyecontrol for wheelchairs

GazeDriver gives very disabled people the freedom to move. With its intuitive interface, GazeDriver makes it easy to achieve mobility - and does so safely. For people with speech challenges, GazeDriver can also be used to communicate with.
GazeDriver costs far less than other solutions for mobility and communication. In addition, GazeDriver is the world's first and probably only screen-free eye control for wheelchairs

Who can use GazeDriver?

GazeDriver is for the group of disabled people who have challenges operating a wheelchair by physical inputs, eg joystick, 0-1 switches, chin guide, etc. Due to its intuitive and simple operation, GazeDriver is also suitable for people with cognitive challenges.

How does GazeDriver work?

With GazeDriver, the user can control the wheelchair as well as all the wheelchair's functions, eg speed, sitting position and more. GazeDriver is plug-and-drive on the vast majority of wheelchairs on the market. GazeDriver can also act as an eye-controlled PC and communication device using a clip-on monitor.


GazeDriver does not suffer from the challenges that eye control usually has. No screen blocks the view and takes focus away from the surroundings. If the user is distracted while driving, the chair comes to a standstill. This is ensured with a unique feedback and input system, which EyeMind has a patent on. The system can best be explained as an invisible virtual joystick controlled by the eyes. If the user loses focus from the ‘joystick’, the chair stops.


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