Simple eye control for wheelchairs. No screen, no hassle. Just freedom.

GazeDriver is a simple and intuitive eye control without screen for wheelchairs. It is designed to give you independence and self-determination, regardless of your challenges.

Smooth driving. Full control. And adventure!

With GazeDriver, you effortlessly navigate past obstacles without any screen obstructing your view. You have full control over your mobility and can embark on adventures in the woods, accompany friends, or travel to class—all by yourself. 

Write, surf, and communicate on your tablet.

GazeDriver also allows you to use your eyes as a mouse on your tablet, enabling you to surf the internet and communicate with the world.

Simple and personalized, tailored to you.

Installing GazeDriver is easy. With many customization options, you can determine driving functions and control which wheelchair settings should be adapted to you. 

GazeDriver is all about mobility for freedom – so you can move freely and independently when and where you want.

If you can control your eyes, you can control your wheelchair.

Whether you have Cerebral Palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, ALS, traumatic brain injuries or other diagnoses is not decisive - you just have to have control over your eyes, then you have control over your wheelchair.

GazeDriver is also for you who have physical challenges with using joysticks, 0-1 switches, chin control and the like to control your wheelchair.  

Your safety is everything!

GazeDriver is certified as a medical device Built according to the ISO 7176-14 wheelchair standard, so you can rest assured about the safety and quality of using eye control for your wheelchair.

GazeDriver does not suffer from the challenges that eye tracking usually has. No screen blocks the view and takes the focus away from the surroundings. If the user is distracted while driving, the chair stops. This is ensured with a unique feedback and input system that Eyemind has developed. 

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GazeDriver tablet function

Øjenstyret kørestol og øjenstyret tablet


GazeDrivers steering makes driving easy and effortless when you need to avoid obstacles

Simplified driving

Simple and intuitive control, for the cognitively challenged. The wheelchair stops completely between manoeuvres

Tablet control

GazeDriver is also an eye-controlled mouse that can be used with regular tablets


GazeDriver has extensive customization options for the user

Wheelchair control

With GazeDriver you can also control your wheelchair's settings F.x. speed, seat settings, etc.


All features can be turned on and off as the user gets to know GazeDriver.
This makes it easy to start using GazeDriver


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